Our next golf outing: Friday at 10:00 am
Southbay Nikkei Golf Club
The Southbay Nikkei Golf Club tournament for 2013 was again held in the Reno
area.   Lakeridge Golf Course was played the first day and Redhwk Lakes Course
was played the second day.

This year George Yano took the honors for the 2-day event with a low net of 135 and
2 strokes back was Dick Nakamura who grossed a 72 score at the Red Hawk Lakes
Course on day two.   Neil Morimoto and Tad Aragaki were tied for 3rd place.

Congratulations to all and thanks to all who participated.  Special thanks and
appreciation to Eric Kuwada, Jim Fukuyama and Dick Nakamura for all the work they
do in making this tournament a successful one.  Also, Chizuko Lovely and Shirley
Nakasora helped to make it fun for the ladies