Southbay Nikkei Golf Club is a member of the Northern California Golf
Association, NCGA.  Southbay belongs to the NCNGA, which consist of 4
Nikkei NCGA clubs that participate in an annual  two-day tournament in May
of each year.  This will be the 68th year this NCNGA tournament is being
held.  The two golf courses are Old Del Monte Golf Course on Saturday and
Quail Lodge Golf and Country Club on Sunday.

Southbay actively supports 2 Northern California Nikkei
Golf Association's intercounty  tournaments, one in April
and another in October each year.   Southbay is in charge
of the April 7, 2019 golf tournament.  It will be played
at Moffet
t Field Golf Course.

Southbay sponsors an August Tournament at 2 Reno
area courses and has always had members of other clubs participating.  The
club dedicated this annual event as the
Southbay Mas Hayashi Memorial
Golf Tournament

Southbay awards to the golfer with a 2-day low net a perpetual trophy
donated by Mas's siblings.  The trophy is transported to and from Reno in a
sturdy wooden case.  The case was donated by the first trophy winner,  Dr.
Richard Suezaki.  

For 2019 the event dates were August 12 at Lakeridge Golf Course and
August 13 at Redhawk Golf Course.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the club or playing golf
on Fridays, or in one of our golf events or tournaments please contact
us by email or telephone.  For site or membership information please
: SBNGC Member/Webmaster.

Thanks to Koji, our Friday golf group had a great time at Chef Chu's in Los Altos.  On this day,
Pete was the winner and Ben got the only skin for the day.
Our next golf outing: Friday at 10:00 am
Southbay Nikkei Golf Club
Southbay Nikkei Golf Club