Each year since the year 2000 we hold the Mas Hayashi Memorial Reno Golf Tournament in August.  
The low net winner is awarded a first place prize and becomes holder of the perpetual trophy.

The golfers winning the 2-day tournament:

* year 2000,  Richard Suezaki (Southbay Club member)

* year 2001,  Darin Lee (Sequoia Club member)

* year 2002,  Jim Fukuyama (Sequoia Club member)

* year 2003,  Eric Kuwada (Sequoia Club member)

*  year 2004,  Burt Mori (Sequoia Club member)

*  year 2005, Eric Kuwada (Sequoia Club member)

*  year 2006,  Burt Mori (Sequoia Club member)

*  year 2007,  Dick Nakamura (Sequoia Club member)

*  year 2008, Eric Kuwada (Sequoia Club member)
*  year 2009, Bob Nakasora (Sequoia Club member)

*  year 2010, Rich Mukai (Southbay Club member)

*  year 2011, George Yano (Southbay Club member)

*  year 2012, Ron Fukuyama (Sequoia Club member)

*  year 2013, George Yano (Southbay Club member)

*  year 2014, George Yano (Southbay Club member)

*  year 2015, Ron Fukuyama (Sequoia Club member)

*  year 2016, George Yano (Southbay Club member)

*  year 2017, Tony Weber (Sequoia Club member)

*  year 2018, Pete Imamura (Sequoia Club member)

The best activities of any golf club are its functions away from the home courses. The pictures of
event participants are shown below.   We wish we had more to share.  As time goes by, we will have
more snapshots.
Southbay Nikkei Golf Club
The Reno Mas Hayashi Memorial Tournament for 2018 was held on August 13 at Lakeridge Golf
Course and on August 14 at the Redhawk Lakes Golf Course.   This year the low net winner was
Pete Imamura!  Congratulations to Pete!  Thank you to all of you who participated.   Please go to
the Reno Golf 2018 page.
There were 40 golfers participating in the Mas Hayashi Memorial Reno Tournament in 2006.